Christopher Peterson

March, 2021

Ensuring Nagios service restarts with Puppet and collected Nagios resources

January, 2020

Tmux: easily change the default path for new windows

September, 2018

Rclone remote path auto-completion on Linux (Google Drive)

June, 2018

Splatmoji - easier quick pop-up emoji/emoticon input on Linux

March, 2018

Quick and easy unit conversions within Vim (vim-convert)

A Linux ACPI brightness control script

February, 2018

Convert GIF to MP4 for Instagram with FFmpeg

December, 2017

Quick pop-up emoji input on Linux [updated]

November, 2017

A faster LastPass lookup for your Linux desktop

October, 2017

Using CSSH/XTerm with a high-DPI display

Here is my home directory

August, 2017

July, 2017

I made a thing: Memeseeks! (Rick & Morty memes and gifs) [UPDATED]

Backup and restore Pretty Links manually on Wordpress (without Pro)